Criminal Defense

Lawyers dedicated to defending those accused or charged with crimes

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. If you’ve been accused of or charged with a crime, no matter how small, you need an attorney to advocate on your behalf. The criminal defense attorneys at Etoch Law Firm have been doing just that for 50 years. We defend clients of all ages against misdemeanor and felony charges in both state and federal court. No matter how serious the offense, we’ve got the experience you need. We have defended against charges as small as traffic infractions and as serious as murder. If you have recently been accused of or charged with a crime, call us and we’ll explain your options and best course of action.

No crime is too small or too big

Our experienced criminal defense lawyers have seen it all before. Even minor criminal charges can have far-reaching, life-changing consequences. You want to be defended by the best criminal defense attorneys. At Etoch Law Firm, we can help with many different criminal charges, including:

  • Murder – Being charged with murder is terrifying. Let us take care of securing the evidence and witnesses necessary to present your best defense. The criminal defense attorneys at Etoch Law Firm are certified to defend death penalty cases as well.

  • Drug charges – Whether you were caught making a mistake or something worse, let us help. We understand what the prosecution needs to prove and how we can defend you against the charges. No one expects to need a drug defense attorney, but if you do, we’re here for you.

  • DWI – If you lose your license because of a DWI charge, daily necessities like getting to work and to the store become a hassle as you find yourself arranging rides or figuring out public transportation. Don’t hesitate to contact our experienced DWI attorneys immediately to help you keep your license.

  • Traffic infractions – Whether it’s a simple speeding ticket, careless driving, or traffic accident charges, let us walk you through the process and take care of the complex paperwork and proceedings.